Pickling Plant

Arvind Corrotech – India’s top most manufacturers of the standardized pickling plant and tanks, renowned worldwide for introducing a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for chemical storage used in the pickling process. It takes a very short time for us to establish a strong presence in the market due to the significant potential of our pickling tank to outperform under hardest conditions without failing. Other than, high performance and low maintenance is undoubtedly popularity booster features that endorse us to edge over competitors and experience the splendid success in the allied field. We are in the field of the pickling tanks manufacturing ever since 20 years and therefore we are technically savvy in the allied segment to engineering a range making use of corrosion resilient and temperature resilient polymers and therefore is superlative under highly corrosive media and high temperature that helps enhance overall performance efficiency and longevity of the respective one.

Our offered pickling tanks not only meet stringent quality standards of ISO, ASME, ANSI/ASME, and VDS, but also meet stringent environmental condition and therefore it holds significant standing in the Indian market as well as global one, apparent from 1000+ successful installations worldwide. These pickling plants have proven its caliber in different galvanizing industries engrossed in high tension transmission tower, pipe, tube, poles, strips, grating, structure, guard, tails, railing, fastener, scaffolding, coil, sheet, wire and other ferrous and non ferrous metal abstracts galvanizing.

Reasons to select our pickling tank / plant:

  • Sealing is accomplished by means of the German Wegner Welding Machine as per DVS regulation to deliver leak proof and long lasting pickling tanks
  • Our tanks are made of the PP or FRP material that is excellent against corrosion, chemicals and high temperatures and hence ensure utmost safety and reliability across lifespan.
  • The material is obtained from big brands, including Rochling, Germany, Reliance, India, etc.
  • The design of the pickling tanks are accomplished by means of the world’s top seeded RITA 3 software in line with manufacturing practices laid in the DVS technical codes.
  • We use FOLD bending technology in the construction of the pickling tanks that enables us to impart supreme durability and strength to tank.
  • Ingenious design to outshine in the industries
  • The use of one of the widely acknowledged butt fusion technologies in accordance with the standards outlined by the German Welding Society enable to derive a range sharing outstanding sealing that is seamless and performs all through its life without failing.
  • The RHS (Rectangular hollow section) is coated with FRP material to prevent corrosion of the same, hence deliver long lasting support frame.
  • The stainless steel material used in the construction is procured from the authorized vendors and tests for its conformity with IS 4923 – 1997 standards ahead of the final purchase agreement.
  • All the continuous fillet welds are developed in accordance to the AS 1554 standards.

Pickling tank/plant price in India:

We manufacturers of pickling tank India believe price communicates your product’s value to the customer and hence price plays an imperative role in a success of your product and ultimately an organization. By owing the same, we make constant attempts to get the best in class quality product in a cost effective manner so as can introduce in the market at possibly lowest price. Today, we are renowned not only for the quality range of pickling tank/plant, but also for its availability at the competitive rates in the Gujarat and all other states of India. Other than, our range of the pickling plant / tank is available at the same pricing for the other countries too, however the tax variation and shipping cost variation can make a bit alternation, but it can be negligible. To experience standardized quality of pickling tank/plant at the best prices, contact us today…!

Substantial advantages of our pickling tank/plant range:

  • Chemical Resistance : The PP and FRP material used in our pickling tanks is highly resistive to the chemicals used in most pickling processes, e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrofluoric- and nitric acids and passivation agents.
  • Weight Advantage : The PP and FRP materials are known for its low weight to strength ration facilitate easy installation, even when need to be mounted on existing structures. That means the pickling tank will weigh approximately one seventh as much as steel and half as much as aluminum.
  • Economy : The cost of the pickling tanks we offer is considerably lower than the tanks available in the market, thanks to our team constantly make attempts in the direction for inventing the best possible technology that costs lower and hence enable us to deliver the range at the lower cost.
  • Temperature Resistant : The considerably high temperature resistance of the FRP and PP material imparts incredible capability to the pickling tank for withstanding high temperatures during the pickling process.
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance : The use of the unique proprietary processes in the production of the pickling tanks is what help driving the excellent abrasion resistance to our tanks and hence ensure longer life.
  • UV Protection : The polymer composites used in the construction of the pickling tanks are excellently good against UV rays and therefore do not degrade on the exposure to UV rays and hence finding no issue, including cracking, leaking or aging.
  • No Maintenance Required : In addition to the top grade polymers, the robust design of the pickling tanks imparts supreme robustness to the pickling tanks help performing for the elongated years without significant maintenance cost.
  • Leak Proof Construction : The introduction of the German’s butt fusion welding technology equips strong sealing of the joints that last more than 20 years without failing.
  • Environmentally friendly : We as the pickling tank or pickling plant manufacturer making use of the PP/FRP material does not create large smoke clouds or other forms of environmental pollution and therefore it is absolutely environmentally friendly approach. Furthermore, the material we have used is completely recyclable that also helps conserve the environment.

Committed At Heart and Mind towards Quality

We are committed to delivering the highest degree of quality in every product, service, solution and support.

  • We make considerable attempts to improve our processes
  • Acknowledging our responsibilities
  • Developing a clear understanding of our consumer needs
  • Working as a team, making an effort in delivering our customer needs, on time.

Get Customized Pickling Tank/Plant… At Best Prices…!

We are the pickling tank manufacturer since two decades that illustrates our expertise in the allied field and by means of the same we are providing customized range to fulfill exclusive requirements of the consumers looking for a specific dimensional range to match their needs. We hold a potential to understand your requirements and accordingly design and develop a range of the customized pickling tank and plant that can surpass your expectation at the most favorable rates in the market. This customization service is open for all the customers coming from India as well as other countries.

Avail Our Technical Advice… At Free Of Cost…!

The performance and trustworthiness of the pickling tank principally depend on the righteous selection of the material with respect to the application media. Other than, there are several secondary factors liable for the performance of the pickling tank including, the formation of chemical, temperature during the process, configuration of the tank, tank installation condition and operational load, etc.

Are you in dilemma to select the perfect type of acid pickling tank for your application need, we would be happy to help you by providing thorough technical advice based on your area of application abreast budgetary constraints at the free of cost. Interested individual are requested to call on +91 7069078141 or mail us at info@arvindcorrotech.com.

What is Pickling?

Pickling is one of the imperative processes carried out ahead of the galvanizing and followed by degreasing and rinsing; where in a thin layer of the metal from the surface of the stainless steel articled is accomplished by means of the nitric and hydrofluoric acid mixture. It is being an indispensable as it helps removing weld heat tinted layers from the surface of the stainless steel fabrications.

Different methods of Pickling:

The pickling of the stainless steel surface is basically accomplished in three different ways, which are:

  1. Tank immersion pickling
  2. Spray pickling
  3. Circulation pickling

However, tank immersion pickling method has flourished thousands of galvanizing industries for a reason of having an ability to treat all the fabrication surfaces for maximum corrosion resistance and uniformity of the pickled surface and thus delivering unsurpassed results. Further, it has proven to be safe concerning human health as well as the environment is also a root for the significant drift in the market. However, in order to ensure 100% safety the storage pickling tanks are equally viable, low grade quality tanks have potential to corrode and early aging that apparently leads to leakage of the stored acids, which can be hazardous for associates surrounding.

Why Pickling is important for metal?

As said earlier, pickling process is covered in the surface preparation that is liable for removing a thin layer of the metal surface from the stainless steel surface in order to acquire absolutely clean surface essential to achieve a high bond strength and optimizing durability and service life of bonded joints. Further, the clean surface finish also facilitates in achieving an absolutely smooth surface finish, imperative for the appealing look of the metal abstract. Therefore, pickling is being an important to make a big difference in the consistency and effectiveness of your adhesive bond.

What is Pickling tank?

The pickling tank is exclusively designed and manufactured tank, especially for the storage of nitric and hydrofluoric acid mixture all through the pickling process.

What Is Pickling Plant?

The pickling tank is also renowned as the pickling plant in several industries, which has the same principle of usage as pickling tank that is storing of nitric and hydrofluoric acid mixture to accomplish pickling of the respective ferrous and non-ferrous metal abstract. However, in the pickling plant, the pickling tank embraces suitable hood, fume scrubber with centrifugal exhaust fan, ducting network, stack or chimney and thermoplastic re-circulation pump for scrubber with piping.

Note: The provided pickling tank or pickling plant is also used for the storage of the other chemicals used in the pickling process.

Why material is important while selecting pickling tank?

During the pickling process, the stainless steel article is immersed into the combination of the nitric and hydrofluoric acid ranging from 2% to 10% at the considerably high temperature ranging between 180 ˚F to 200 ˚F and therefore material used in the construction of the pickling tank is decisive for the reliability and safety it provides.

Our Pickling Tanks and Your Advantages:

  • High process safety
  • High resilience against corrosive media
  • Excellent under high usage temperature
  • No spillage all through its time
  • Good insulating qualities
  • Light weight hence easier, quicker
  • Cost effective in all manner
  • Good service life Delivers longevity
  • Low maintenance requirements

Key Segments for Use:

  • Coil pickling lines
  • Surface treatment plants
  • Hot dip galvanizing plants
  • Stainless steel pickling plants
  • Wire pickling lines
  • Electroplating/anodizing plants
  • Pipe pickling plants
  • Metal finishing industries
  • Fastener pickling plants
  • Scaffolding pickling plants
  • Pile pickling plants

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