100% leak free range of the FRP pickling tank, available at the best prices in India and overseas.

We as an FRP pickling tank manufacturer, supplier and exporter have gained notable fame in the local as well as international level for its unmatched quality and incredible performance under corrosive chemicals and high temperature and delivering significantly longer service life that no other material can deliver. This FRP pickling tank is one of our best selling products for its considerable return on investment, thank to the entire team who works diligently leveraging proficiency gained from the years of experience to deliver a range of the FRP pickling tank performs unconditionally against corrosive chemicals and high temperature.


Additionally, the leak free construction of this FRP tank is being the key point that has boosted the market, achieved by means of the German’s butt fusion welding technology in close coordination with welding standards to deliver the precise welded range of the FRP tanks that gives leak free experience over the years. We FRP pickling tank manufacture make it available in the variety of sizes and types to choose from, and make sure that you can find a pickling tanks for accomplishing pickling process impeccably over the years. The thickness available of this FRP pickling tank ranging from 20 mm to 50 mm thickness and customized range of the same is available upon special request from the end user.

Substantial Benefits of Our FRP Pickling Tank Are:

Superior Strength-to-Weight Ratio:

The FRP material shares higher strength to weight ratio as compared to other materials, for e.g. stainless steel, helps easy installation without the need of the much of equipment in a short time, results in cost reduction, time reduction as well as manned reduction.

Cost Effective:

The production cost of the FRP pickling tanks is considerably less than that of the stainless steel material that indirectly impacts the cost of the end product, thanks to its flexible nature helps imparting complex shapes effortlessly.

The ingenious design and high strength material of construction gives significant durability to the FRP pickling tank, whereas the excellent UV resistance prevent early aging of the FRP pickling tank over time.

Corrosion Resistant:

The material of the construction FRP is a combination of the resins and fibers, in which fiber imparts considerable strength to the FRP pickling tanks and pickling plant, whereas resins equip prominent corrosion resistance and channel stress to fiber and therefore the provided range is undoubtedly flourishing against corrosion.

High Heat Distortion Temperature:

The FRP material holds thermosetting resins that cure to develop an infusible material that does not melt when subject to high temperatures as the thermoplastic materials have a definite melting point and therefore the provided range of the FRP pickling tanks have proven its efficacy under high temperature.

Fire, Smoke & Toxicity Rating:

The FRP material used in the pickling tanks is standard and hence the FRP pickling tanks introduced by us compliance to ASTM, EPA, NFS and other essential standards

Environmentally Friendly:

The remarkable flexibility aspect of the FRP material used in the manufacturing enables mould complex shapes with an easy and therefore we have approached a closed mould fabrication processes for FRP pickling tanks that apparently reduce the toxic emissions at a considerable level and hence it is stated to be environmentally friendly.


The offered pickling tank can be availed in PP or HDPE material as per your application and budget requirements.

The provided acid pickling tanks are designed using RITA 3 Rochling integrated tank design.

We FRP pickling tank manufacturer are also provide hood, fume scrubber with centrifugal fan, ducting, stack or chimney and the re-circulation pump for scrubber with piping on the customer request.

The support frame structure is made using rectangular hollow sections of the IS 4923 – 1997 steel, coated with FRP to avert acid attack. The type of weld is continuous fillet and accomplished in accordance to AS 1554 standards.

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