100% leak free range of the HDPE pickling tank, available at the best prices in India and overseas.

We have established a strong presence at the global level as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the HDPE pickling tank for delivering cost effective solutions pertaining chemical storage. The provided range of the HDPE pickling tanks made inputting proven quality HDPE material which is also known as PE in some industrial segments and adopting top of the line extrusion and butt fusion technology. This HDPE pickling tank strongly conforms to the ASME, ASTM, ISO and DVS international standards, is an outcome of the cooperatively operating quality controlled system of the designers, engineers, technicians and quality analyst, made adopting top of the line technology.


We HDPE pickling tank manufacturer make this range available in the widest array of specifications and thickness as per application requirement at the pricing that would definitely be competitive from others pickling plant, renowned in the industries for below mentioned featuring.

Substantial Benefits of Our HDPE Pickling Tank:

Zero Leaks

We are the pioneer of the German’s butt fusion welding technology in India for the sealing of the joints in the tanks. The entire butt fusion welding is carried out by our professional team with the highest caution that eliminates the possible leak points which can occur over a certain period of time.

Best for the Environment

HDPE also renowned as the PE is the Eco friendly tanks material and therefore government also accredited as a better alternative to that of steel and concrete tanks to use as the pickling tank. Further, the butt fusion technology does not liberate chemicals and hence also protect the surrounding environment from contamination.

Best for Consumers

Our provided HDPE pickling tanks have outperformed steel and concrete tanks for the supreme performance that consumer get at the very low cost. Further, the leakage free construction prevents leak and expense behind maintenance and ultimately helps consumers to save on utility cost.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

The HDPE pickling tank is a non conductive polymer and does not corrode, assuring significantly long service life, even under harsh temperature conditions.

Lower Life Cycle Costs

Thanks to the butt fusion welding technology that apparently lessen the spending in the maintenance costs. Further, the light weight of this HDPE pickling tanks reduces the costing of installation as well.

Lightweight & Flexible

These HDPE pickling tanks are light in weight and hence do not demand any heavy lifting equipment for installation. Further, the flexible aspect of this HDPE pickling tank enables easy transportation.


The offered pickling tank can be availed in PP or FRP material as per your application and budget requirements.

The provided acid pickling tanks are designed using RITA 3 Rochling integrated tank design.

We FRP pickling tank manufacturer are also provide hood, fume scrubber with centrifugal fan, ducting, stack or chimney and the re-circulation pump for scrubber with piping on the customer request.

The support frame structure is made using rectangular hollow sections of the IS 4923 – 1997 steel, coated with FRP to avert acid attack. The type of weld is continuous fillet and accomplished in accordance to AS 1554 standards.

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