We are frontrunner in the market as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the pipe pickling plant, is known to be the effective in the pickling application for its ability to withstand corrosive and high temperature surroundings without failing. This pipe pickling plant helps to achieve pickling of pipes effectively that is one of the substantial phases ahead of galvanizing to accomplish absolutely seamless zinc coating on the pipes and protect them from corrode. This pickling plant is fabricated from top quality polymers that helps combat against corrosion and high temperature, whereas the use of the hot extrusion and famous butt fusion welding helps prevent spillage caused by the leakage. This pickling plant is basically a combination of the pickling tank and the fume scrubber system, wherein the objective of the fume scrubber system is, to remove the pollutants from the gas release in the air, hence helps abating air pollution.


This pipe pickling plant ranging in the various specification and material of construction and conforms to the outlined industrial standards, including ASME, ASTM, ISO and DVS standards. We also provide this pickling plant as per the specific capacity and material requirement at the best possible rates in the market. Both the types are flourishing in the market for the satisfactory experience it delivers during the pipe pickling.

Unmatched Qualities of Our Pipe Pickling Plant:

  • Excellent against corrosion
  • Excellent against high temperature
  • Economical and Eco friendly approach
  • Light in weight reduces cost of installation
  • Execute pickling outstandingly
  • Leak proof edges
  • No spillage and no hazards

Accessories Available On Request:

  • Level Indicator
  • Heater
  • Liquid Circulation
  • Air Agitation
  • Protection Plate
  • Heater Protection Plate
  • Spreader (Specially Designed for Tube Industries) RIB
  • Jig Resting arrangement on Tank
  • Suction Duct with Slot
  • Connections
  • Lid with Automation

Outperformed Quality Tests:

  • Welding quality is confirmed by 3 point
  • Bend Test
  • Impact Test
  • Test of tensile and impact resistance property.

Pipe Pickling Plant Compatibility :

  • Suitable for Sulfuric acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Acetic acid
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Other extremely corrosive acids


The offered pickling tanks can be availed in PP / FRP or HDPE material as per your application and budget requirements.

The shape of the tank is completely customizable as per your requirement.

The provided Inline wire pickling tanks are designed using RITA 3 Rochling integrated tank design.

The support frame structure is made using rectangular hollow sections of the IS 4923 – 1997 steel, coated with FRP to avert acid attack. The type of weld is continuous fillet and accomplished in accordance to AS 1554 standards.

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