Customer satisfaction is equated with quality

We believe customer satisfaction is the way to achieve considerable success in the business, and customer satisfaction is only possible if the product delivers the highest level of quality experience that we believe only accomplished by means of the effective quality control and that we accomplished by performing constant monitoring as of goods receiving to final acceptance of the manufactured products, and do not comprise a single production step and therefore our pickling tanks and plants are guaranteed to match with the legal requirements internationally.

We have hugely invested in the manufacturing facilities as well as testing laboratory to achieve a range of the pickling plant tank in accordance to ISO, ASME, ANSI/ASME, and DVS standards as well as  the quality proven Q.A programs are equally liable to achieve quality controlled range of the pickling tanks and plants, galvanizing plant, pickling plant with fume extraction slots and so on. Further, our stringent approach towards repetitive testing helps ensure quality of the every piece of work we deliver. The primary quality tests that we uncompromisingly execute incorporate:

  • Welding quality is confirmed by 3 point
  • Bend Test
  • Impact Test
  • Tensile
  • Test of tensile and impact resistance property.

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